Get Cozy for Fall for Under $35

Cozy products for sale
Cozy products for saleCozy products for sale

Fall colors aren't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you don't want to get cozy! Fortunately, there are plenty of not-orange home decor items to create a cozy nest suitable for cooler weather.

Texture is the first thing to consider. You'll want soft, warm textures - faux fur, velvet, and soft sweater-type knits are classic choices. If you don't have curtains, adding them will give you a double benefit: your space will look warmer, but it might also be warmer, as the curtains will stop drafts from the windows.

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Next, take a hint from the art of hygge, which relies on natural materials for visual warmth and coziness. Wood decor items are an obvious choice, but you can also incorporate natural shapes like these faux flowers, leaf-shaped dish, or even a pillow with fruits or flora - just be sure to choose something with deeper colors that are appropriate for cold weather, and leave the pastels for spring.

Finally, consider your lighting situation. An over-bright room is the opposite of cozy, so choose bulbs with a warmer, soft-white color. If you aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace, candles are an easy way to get that oh-so-cozy flickering light. Or you can be even more creative and choose artistic fire, like this campfire painting from Etsy.

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