X axis which says "Historic" on the left and "Modern" on the right. Y axis which says "Casual" at the bottom and "Sophisticated" at the top.
Where does your style fit on the
Interior Design Quadrant?

Recent designs:

Design for a calming, luxe bedroom on a budget with cream velvet curtains and pale teal accents
a home office using orange and teal with nods to Mexican heritage
Old-Hollywood-inspired design for a houseboat living space with custom wood cabinetry and blue upholstery
A blue-and-green budget Scandi living room with beige accents
Design for a Victorian-inspired bathroom with Parisian accents and a rose-mural shower wall
Bedroom Moodboard by Bluestocking Interiors for a modern victorian bedroom. Walls in pale blue with teal floor-to-ceiling closet doors. Vintage wood bed and marble-topped side table. Several antique chandeliers grouped over the head of the bed. A white resin deer head and large wooden mirror on the wall. White roll-arm armchair. Rug with delicate blue floral designs on a natural background.
An English-country-inspired living room with pink couch, chintz curtains, witty historic art and sisal flooring
a forest-inspired Craftsman bedroom with green velvet, William Morris prints, antiques and a branch chandelier
Dining Room Moodboard by Bluestocking Interiors for a modern victorian dining room combining modern and historic elements in shades of blue.
Bedroom Moodboard by Bluestocking Interiors for a Tudor-inspired bedroom with wood canopy bed and Indian fabrics.
Bathroom Moodboard by Bluestocking Interiors  blending contemporary and historic victorian elements.
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Interesting Interior Design for Interesting People

Does any of this sound familiar?

Whatever the reason, your home is a source of stress, not a source of joy.

Let's fix that.

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*And if you're saying, "I'm not an interesting person...": if you have a personality, if you have interests... congratulations, you are an interesting person! Let's give you a home that reflects that.

Everyone deserves a comfortable home.

Bluestocking Interiors is proud to donate design services to Oxford House, a network of community-focused sober houses.

Their newest house in Topeka will provide a home for 8 women committed to their recovery from addiction.

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