How to Make Your Home Look Like Bridgerton

Ah, Bridgerton - where the rooms are as frothy as the drama. If Season 2 has you wishing for a bit more regency flavor in your life, this roundup has you covered.

The Bridgertons' Blue Drawing Room

Bridgerton Blue Drawing Room

Essentially the Bridgertons' living room, this is where they receive guests, hang out together, and have tea (which sounds much fancier than "snacking!")

The room uses a symphony of pale blues to create a room that feels light in spite of its formality. Delicate wood furniture, French loveseats, and damask patterns abound, with finishing touches provided by sculptures and historic portraits in more shades of blue.

And of course, one mustn't forget the famous wisteria-covered front, which is surely visible through the windows.

Get the Look at Home

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Quick + Easy Bridgerton Decor Ideas

A quick swap of decor - including curtains - gives a lot of bang for the buck. Look for pastel colors and damask or floral motifs. Silver, gold, and china/porcelain items can also work.

One feature of the Bridgerton houses is that all the rooms have decorative wall mouldings. Of course, you can add mouldings to your own walls - but you can also "hack" the look by hanging decorative panels.

Fill in the gaps with large art pieces in gold or carved-wood frames for that luxurious regency look. One trick: check out your favorite museum's online store for surprisingly affordable prints worthy of the Viscount Bridgerton's collection. Etsy is another great source.

Keep in mind that the Regency was from 1810 - 1820, so for the right feel you'll want to search for art from the 1700s and early 1800s. Francois Boucher, Jean-Marc Nattier, Eli Le Brun, and Joshua Reynolds would all be good artists to start with.

Bridgerton Style Furniture

If you just wish someone would round up the perfect items for your house, you're in luck!

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