Downton Abbey-Inspired Interior Design

For me, the library is the room I picture when I think of Downton Abbey. Despite its grandeur, it manages to feel cozy thanks to the warm colors, lots of squashy upholstery in classic English shapes, and, of course, the many books. In later seasons they even layer two smaller-patterned carpets on top of each other for even more richly layered comfort.

Fortunately, all of these elements are easy to replicate, even if your living room isn't quite as opulent as the Granthams'! Read on for ways to bring the Downton feel home.

The Downton Abbey library with members of the Grantham family enjoying a casual teatime.

Get the Look at Home

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The Downton Abbey library uses several traditional English couch styles to create its cozy, welcoming look.

Although Knole sofas (the "tied-together" couch in the foreground of the library photo) are rare, there are modern flared-arm sofas which create a similar impression. Camel-back sofas are more common, and the English roll-arm style (used on the chairs in the library) is very easy to find.

For larger spaces, a higher-backed sofa will create an enclosed "nook" inside the larger room - a tall wing-back sofa is another fun option. For smaller rooms, you'll want a lower back to prevent it from feeling crowded.

If you just wish someone would round up the perfect items for your house, you're in luck!

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