The Interior Design Quadrant

The Interior Design Quadrant is a new way of thinking about your style that will show you what kinds of things you should bring into your space to create your ideal home.
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X axis which says "Historic" on the left and "Modern" on the right. Y axis which says "Casual" at the bottom and "Sophisticated" at the top.

Where does your style fit on the Interior Design Quadrant?

Trying to shoehorn yourself into a single style just doesn't work, because each person's taste is a unique blend. But once you know which kind of spaces appeal to you, you'll be able to mix and match elements to create your dream home.

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Image of country bedroom and Versailles bedroom with the text "how this becomes this"

How to understand the
Interior Design Quadrant

Now that you know where you fall on the quadrant, what does that mean?

If you have questions about how to understand your results and how to move forward, start here.

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Find resources for your design direction here:

Sophisticated + Historic

Sophisticated + Modern

Casual + Historic

Casual + Modern

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